1. Understand the dynamics: Make sure you understand the dynamics of financial domination and what it entails before joining a findom website or platform. 
  2. Research the platform: Research the different findom websites or platforms available, and make sure they are reputable and legitimate before joining. 
  3. Know your limits: Make sure you are aware of your limits and boundaries before engaging in any financial domination activities. 
  4. Keep personal information private: Be aware of the potential risks of sharing personal information online, and make sure to keep your personal information private. 
  5. Be prepared for rejection: Not everyone will be interested in engaging in financial domination with you, so be prepared for potential rejection. 
  6. Be professional: Treat financial domination as a business, and always be professional in your interactions with others. 
  7. Be honest: Be honest about your intentions and what you’re looking for in a financial domination dynamic. 
  8. Communicate clearly: Clear communication is key in any relationship, especially in financial domination. 
  9. Follow the laws: Make sure you are aware of and following all relevant laws and regulations related to financial domination. 
  10. Have fun: Remember that financial domination should be enjoyable for all parties involved. 

It’s important to remember that financial domination is a fetish and it should be engaged in consensually and ethically. It’s also important to be aware of the potential risks and legal issues related to financial domination, and to consult with a legal professional before engaging in it. 

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