1. Domme: A female dominant in a BDSM relationship, also known as a “financial dominatrix” in the context of findom. 
  2. Pay pig: A submissive in a financial domination relationship, who provides financial tribute to their domme. 
  3. Financial slavery: A type of financial domination in which the pay pig gives complete control of their finances to their domme. 
  4. Tribute: Financial gifts or payments given to a domme by a pay pig as a form of submission. 
  5. Cash pig: A pay pig who focuses primarily on giving cash gifts to their domme. 
  6. Findom: Financial domination, a fetish in which one person (the “dominator” or “domme”) receives financial tribute from another person (the “submissive” or “pay pig”) in exchange for various forms of control or domination. 
  7. Cashmaster: A domme who specializes in receiving cash tribute from pay pigs. 
  8. Wallet rape: The act of draining a pay pig’s finances through excessive tribute or manipulation. 
  9. Money slave: A pay pig who gives their domme complete control over their finances. 
  10. Money mistress: A domme who specializes in financial domination. 
  11. Financial domination fetish: A fetish in which someone derives pleasure from giving money or gifts to a domme or from being controlled financially. 
  12. Financial submissive: A submissive person who is interested in financial domination 


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